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var starsThis was somewhat the year of the cloud when it comes to the 2014 VAR Stars. A majority of them carry cloud products, a bare majority. But for those selected for the latest class of 100 resellers that handle mid-market financial software products, it was a year in which good performance was the clear story. But the cloud is gaining momentum and VARs that are doing well increasing do so by adding their own software products based on mainline ERP packages. And many made the list by doing the things that work well--executing good business practices. So without further fanfare, you can see this year's VAR Stars by following the link and downloading the special report.

2014 BSI VAR Stars

Report: 2014 Top 100 VARS

BSI 2014 Top 100 VARSMoving to the Cloud: Aging channel leadership and the usual vagaries of vendors in the reselling channel. This year’s BSI’s Top 100 VARs comes as technology and people are in a greater state of flux than we have seen for years. Resellers who have been running their firms for decades have started stepping aside. The top vendors in the market are squeezing their VAR channels with lower margins. But despite all the pressure, there are always the companies that do well and we present 100 of them in this report.

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BSI Top 100 VARSNo one needs to remind the channel that the last few years have been challenging. But the market started to improve last year, and while all of 2012 was not great for members of Bob Scott's Top 100 VARs, the trend was generally favorable. There were other trends in 2012 that are continuing to change the market. One was the adoption of cloud technology and the number of Top 100 resellers selling SaaS products was up this year.

But let's not give away all the story.

To read the rest and see the rankings, follow this link: Top 100 VARS - The 2013 Class

2013 BSI VAR Stars

2013 BSI VAR StarsFor this year's VAR Stars, the issue of keeping up with vertical demand while grappling with how quickly to move into the cloud - or how much demand there is for vertical and cloud products now that they have taken on these products - are replacing the recession's worry of where business might come from.

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BSI Top 100No, not everyone had a great year. And despite the fact that many resellers are reporting an uptick that did not apply to final 2012 results many of which were lower than 2011. What I am talking about when I say the Top 100 VARs got bigger is the cutoff point for making the list grew. It appears that making the list will require about $3.8 million in revenue.


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